Once upon a time,
Somewhere up the hill
Between air and earth,
A battle was still. 
 In a deformed castle,
Made from dreams & paper 
A fragile girl was hiding
From storms and all the danger. 
After all the years
She tried to hide herself,
She found inside of her
A jar of courage on the shelf. 
She took it in small sips
So now she is a blogger
Fighting hard to fix
Broken souls & bleeding keyboards. 
The wind couldn't broke her little cottage,
So he transformed it in a castle
A true one made out of  gold
Where she could paint on her easel. 
Her hopes were arms
Her eyes are a May night sky,
The battle she lost
Was the war she won. 
Loving every little thing,
Living to the fullest,
Dreaming more and big
Is what she is doing. 
Pen and keyboard are her arms
In the battle against blindness.

since 13 April 2014 ~ Alexandra's Paradise 

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