Say no to overthinking

What it means to overthink? 
Overthinking means that you think too much. Simple definition. I recognise that in some situations I can't stop analysing and thinking about every single possibility over and over again. Overthinking is when you continuously think about something that happened or that could happen. Overthinking is when you take every single circumstance, situation and think about every scenery that could happen.   
Why is overthinking dangerous for your health? 
↬ it brings stress into your life
↬ it makes you to worry
↬ less sleep
↬ overthinking creates doubts about yourself
↬ lack of peace
↬ lack of confidence
↬ lack of efficiency in everyday activities
↬ unhappiness 
↬ you can't concentrate
So these are what overthinking causes. In time, overthinking destroys you piece by piece. Remember that you don't need to control everything, because life is beautiful only if it's unpredictable. 
When you surely know that you overthink? 
↬ you can't stop thinking about something that happened to you or that will happen
↬ you create scenarios for an event based on what you think could happen
↬ instead of being concentrated on the activity you are doing, you tend to analyse past activities
↬ you worry too much about the future
↬ you analyse every social interaction and it's consequences
↬ being unfocused
Say no to overthinking
It's hard, I know. But here are some activities you can do to keep your mind occupied. Overthinking it eats us alive, from inside to outside.  
 walk for a few minutes, take a deep breath and let it go
  run or do some workout
 listen to music and calm down
  focus on something else
 talk to someone, go somewhere with your friends
 ❤ spend time with your pet, go to the park, play with your dog
  art can help too
  like I've said don't stay alone
  cook something
  do some math to keep your brain occupied
  resolve another kind of problem
  make a puzzle
  don't be scared, embrace who you are
  start loving yourself
 ❤ be confident despite everything else
 A piece of advice from someone who sometimes overthink 
I have my moments when I stay in bed at night and every single thought I've ignored during the day, comes back to life. It haunts me and implores me to analyse it. I am a perfectionist and I always have a backup plan. 
When I don't have one, I feel less confident, a little bit scared about what can happen. I don't see it as a problem, because I don't worry too much, I accept the failure if it exists, I embrace who I am and see things in a positive light. 
I am aware that some people are not like me. They worry and they do it a lot, they hate making decisions, they imagine the future in all its possibilities... 
Sweethearts, don't forget that all that matters is the present. The past we carry with us for the rest of our lives, the future is unpredictable no matter what we do, but the present and how we react to it is our chance to evolve.  Don't think too much when you want something, just go for it. Don't complicate your life when you don't have to. Stop transforming little problems in bigger ones. 
You've got this moment, right now, when you can do anything else than overthinking and it will get you closer to what you want from life. Happiness starts when you refuse to take with you today the problems of yesterday. Life starts at the end of your comfort zone. We all make mistakes, but they don't define us. Our mind tends to be a scary place, but you are not forced to travel through the woods alone. Make friends, spend time with them, talk and let it go. 
 Every time you need me, I am here to listen.

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