How I rebuilt my self confidence in my teenage years

My experience

  I am back, again... Today I want to write about a time in my life that was quite hard, but also beautiful and that's the adolescence. Now that I am older, I can clearly see how things were. I wasn't the ultra popular type of girl or sociable one, I was more like a shy person between introvert and extroverted. I am a talkative person,  but only with close friends and not acquaintances. 
  My teenage years were full of self confidence issues. I thought that I was the problem in all the equation, but the truth is that I wasn't. I am different than the people I am surrounded. I am an open minded, I like to see things in a different light, to give people more chances than they deserve. I faced school bullying. 
   My colleagues used to laugh of me from no reason, to attack me verbally. I am not a violent person and I will never be one, no matter the situation I'll be put in. I like to resolve a problem with calm. They tried to change me from a hard working pupil to someone of their level. They failed. And that's because every time I was attacked (sometimes everyday), I ignored their hate. I embraced the positive aspects, I was optimistic. I am a stronger person than I know and you are too. 
  You just need to find the strength. Don't let yourself to be their prey. You don't need to respond with violence, you only need to be brave. There are cases, that are worse than I lived. It's truth. If you live an experience with bullies you need to tell your parents or to someone who is listening. You don't need to ignore the problem. I just ignored their words. But I've always knew who I was fighting with. Even so, they never ceded. They continued the illogical fight for years. 
  Every time I was going to school it was like "What they planned for today?". There were times when I couldn't respond to their hate. I was too weak. But that experience made me evolve and now I know more about people and their personalities. 
How I rebuilt my self confidence? 
  Day by day when I was coming home, I was wondering what I did wrong? In short time, with my mother's help, I've seen the truth. The problem was not in me. I tried to be the nicest person, but they didn't stop. The issues were shortly known by the school master itself. Nothing changed. They hated me, because they've seen in me the things they couldn't be. I am not complaining and I don't want to sound like a victim, I just want to help you and to explain my situation better. 
  This is what you should do to rebuilt your self confidence: 
Start by loving yourself: I once launched a challenge about self love ( The Self Love Challenge 13) 
Know yourself better: that helps a lot. If you know who you are, than you don't need to believe every word the bullies are saying. 
Don't compare yourself to others: you are an unique piece of art. 
❤ Talk to someone about your problems 
Embrace positive thoughts 
Embrace your insecurities 
Make peace with yourself 
Stop looking for flaws that don't exist 
Learn that you are enough 
Enjoy the time you spend alone: feel good into your skin. 
Don't let words to break your heart: be strong. 
Stop overthinking 
Be optimistic 
Nobody is perfect: that's why life is so beautiful and full of surprises. The salt and pepper of life. 
Face your fears 
Trust your instinct 
Celebrate your little successes  
Remember life is not a competition or a catwalk

  Hope this post will be helpful and if you need help, to talk to someone or to ask a question I am here to listen. Write your comment in the comment section below. Thank you for reading this. Hope you'll find the strength you need!

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