Define home


  noun | \ 'hōm \

Home in a sentence:
Home is where your heart is.
As long as we are together, we are home.
Home is a box with memories.
Home is not about four walls, but about happiness and sadness in a dance that you can not forget.
A house with a soul is named home.
Home is made of dreams  and years and hopes.
There's no place like home.

My definition of home: 
For me, home is somewhere up on a hill, in a small village with a road out of pebbles and a blue sky. Home is where forests are caressing my eyes, where my lungs enjoy the fresh air and my heart enjoys every single night to meet the moon. Home is where I dance barefoot through snowflakes that are falling. Home is where everyday I hear a dog barking, a cat asking for my attention, where my parrot is singing and my roosters too. Home for me is a place and not just a person. Is where I drew for my first time in the sand, where I watched the lizards all with my grandpa by my side. Home is where the Sun is shining brighter in Summer, is where the deer are coming to feed themselves. Oh, yeah, home is where I can go in a cart with a horse named Snowdrop. Home is where is so peacefully at night, that you can hear the air planes through the sky. Home is where every day I come from school, my mother is always waiting for me, with the lunch ready. And I tell you, that she doesn't only cook, she makes art and every bite from her home made food, is like a taste of heaven, making your senses to explode. Home is where I laugh and cry and laugh again. Is the place that transformed me, made me stronger and mature. Home is the place that made me the happiest. I always wanted to come here and now I am and I love every second I spend here... Home is where I am myself, is where I can write the most, create poems, make art in every single form. Home inspires me. Home is where love is. The place where my parents will always wait for me... Home is where I can make my dreams come true. Where the most beautiful flowers are growing, where the wind blows slowly, where I can stay in a hammock and read any book that I want. Is where I run and dance and sing and do the silly things that any human being is doing when it's not seen or thinks so. Home is where sleeping is sweeter. Where weekends are brought to life by my father's arriving from his whole week job. Home is this house, build by my grandma especially, a grandma that I never had the pleasure to meet, but I still love her and I think her soul is still between these walls. Home is where I felt a million times and still hoped for the best. Is where I listened to that special boy band that became my dream, whose members became my boys... my sweet boys... Is where time flies and still remains the same. I know every corner of my home, every moment spent, every breath... My home is where I stay and write this post, is where at this very moment I cry like a stupid little girl who is thinking about her future. Home.

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