100 ideas to be happier

Well, I start to like the number 100. My previous post was about 100 Blog Posts ideas and now I want to talk again about happiness. If you ask me, happiness can have any form. It can be in a simple smile from someone we admire, in the perfume of a flower or in a place like home. Happiness doesn't have a well defined shape. It depends from person to person, from personality to personality.

  1. Search in yourself
  2. Visit a person you love
  3. Smell a flower
  4. Remember the old times
  5. Remember your childhood
  6. Sit and think for a moment; reflect on your life.
  7. Your goals
  8. Your job
  9. Go to a cafe
  10. Read a book
  11. See a movie
  12. Learn something new
  13. Visit an old friend
  14. Tell a story to a child.
  15. Spend some time with kids.
  16. Play with your pet
  17. If you don't have a pet, go and adopt one.
  18. Listen to the deepest sounds  of nature.
  19. I always find my happiness in the forest.
  20. Go for a walk.
  21. Run
  22. Start a new activity; nothing else is more exciting, than a new project.
  23. Take time for your hobby
  24. Remember who you truly are
  25. Go home
  26. Spend time with your family
  27. Eat ice cream
  28. Go to the cinema, theatre or opera
  29. Listen to music
  30. Watch around and see how many things you realised.
  31. Set new goals
  32. Day dream
  33. Enjoy your tea in a Sunday afternoon.
  34. Watch the sunset 
  35. Watch the sunrise
  36. Look at the stars and make a wish
  37. Travel
  38. Discover, explore... into your neighbourhood
  39. Make new friends
  40. Simply live
  41. Breath 
  42. Realise how lucky you are.
  43. Plant a tree
  44. Go with a boat 
  45. Give something
  46. Be less pessimist and more optimist 
  47. Buy something new
  48. Volunteer
  49. Be nice 
  50. Go swimming
  51. Do something you always dreamed 
  52. Sing
  53. Dance like nobody's watching
  54. Workout
  55. Write a poem
  56. Read a poem
  57. Snowball fight
  58. Make a snowman
  59. Catch snowflakes with your tongue
  60. Kiss someone
  61. Be thankful
  62. Declare your admiration to someone
  63. Say I love you
  64. Don't waste time
  65. Take less responsibilities onto your shoulders
  66. Love yourself
  67. Find who you are 
  68. Recreate a scene from your childhood
  69. Motivate someone to follow their dream
  70. Follow your dreams also
  71. Get enough sleep
  72. Meditate
  73. Appreciate the time you spend alone as well as the time you spend with others
  74. Hug the next person you see
  75. I feel happier when I see the Moon
  76. A good meal can make you feel better
  77. Chocolate
  78. Surround yourself with colourful objects
  79. Go camping
  80. Make art
  81. Talk to someone open minded
  82. Swim with dolphins if you can; I would love to...
  83. Help someone
  84. Explore your spirituality
  85. Read an inspirational speech
  86. Paint
  87. Draw
  88. Take every day as a challenge
  89. Don't forget that a new day is a new start
  90. All it matters is the present
  91. Don't worry
  92. Stop overthinking
  93. Good thoughts
  94. Treat yourself better
  95. Get wild
  96. Face your fears
  97. Start a new adventure
  98. End every single thing that makes you sad, angry, unhappy.
  99. Believe in yourself
  100. Just GO and DO whatever you want. Be Happy!


  1. These are all great ideas!! :)


    1. Thank you sweetheart! Hope you'll have a great year, full of opportunities! Love ya :)