Winter crushes

It's been awhile till I last wrote something and the winter is here. I've got some snow in my yard and some fire in my heart. I can't say winter is my favourite season, but I've got some winter crushes, like all of you, I think. Depending on my mood, sometimes I  like winter and sometimes I hate it. Really? Well, I don't hate it, but my mood is very low like the sad days winter is bringing. There's no freedom sensation like the one summer brings, there's only death of all the things pretty around... The trees are freezing, the roses died, the birds are rare... sad. Even so, I can find some beauty. 

My winter crushes are:

❤ hot chocolate
❤ soft socks
❤ big sweaters
❤ the fireplace
❤ the Christmas lights
❤ the songs
❤ snowflakes
❤ boots
❤ any hot drink like tea
❤ the red cheeks 
❤ snowman
❤ snowball fights
❤ cozy cottages
❤ pine cones
❤ marshmallows
❤ giving to others
❤ cookies
❤ the mountains
❤ forest
❤ clementines
❤ foxes and deer in the snow 
❤ warm blankets

So these are my winter crushes. Which are yours?

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