What I discovered through 2016

There is less than a month left of 2016 so I must write this post, where I want to make a list of what 2016 taught me. Why? Because time flies and it's unpredictable. I want to have a short review, especially of this year which challenged me to be more, to learn more, to be more independent. I wish that 2017 will bring me the results I've worked for all over 2016. This year, I showed a lot of people what I can and first of all, I showed myself what I can do, I discovered new talents and faced some of my fears. Another year of our lives is coming to an end and I can't stop asking myself what I am gonna do in the time I still have? I don't want to fade, to mix in the crowd, because I have so many things to say, so many stories to write... Time was once my friend and now it is quickly becoming my enemy. The faster I move and finish tasks, faster the time flows. I am in a panic at the moment, imagining myself older and older, living a boring life. That's clearly not what I want for myself, but you know the saying "wishing for the best but expecting the worst". 

☺I learnt to cook and I discovered I am good at it
☺I start learning more biology and chemistry  
☺I discovered that running can be a pleasure
☺I am preparing to take my driver license  
☺I swam with jellyfishes around me 
☺I lost a cat, but another came to my yard for shelter (Tom.)
☺I think I've seen the moon and stars every single night.
☺I've received a No5 Chanel
☺I learnt chess and that was one of my New Year's Eve wishes...

Alright, so till I remember the other things I did, here's the short list! 

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