Taste of home: 3 romanian traditional dishes

Roumania is located in the Southeastern-Central Europe, between Ukraine in North and Bulgaria in South. Roumania is crossed by The Carpathian Mountains from the North to the Southwest. Also Danube flows 1075 km length bordering the country in South, before emptying in the Danube Delta. Roumania is known for the unique landscapes, beautiful women and its traditional food.  
One of the well-known dishes is Sarmale. These are made from cabbage rolls with meat and rice inside the rolls. Sarmale can be made with grapes leaves too. They have an unique taste. Originally these were made in clay pots, having an enhanced taste. For making sarmale you'll need meat (obviously), rice, onion, spices such as salt, pepper and cabbage or grapes leaves. Put some of the mixture on the leaves and roll. Then you need to boil for several hours.  This type of food is popular in Roumania and it is made for every traditional celebration.  I'm in love with this dish and I recommend you to try it.  
Mămăligă is a porridge made from white maize flour. Mămăliga was a staple food for the poor rural areas. Now this porridge is eaten in the Roumania's restaurants. It can be a substitute for bread. Mămăliga is cooked by boiling water in which you need to add salt and the white maize flour. You need to gradually mix. Also for its preparation, you must have a special pot from iron named ceaun or tuci in Roumania. Mămăliga has a thick texture and can be sliced like bread. Sarmale are eaten with mămăligă. Romanians eat fish with mămăligă, milk with mămăligă, cheese and sour cream with mămăligă and a lot of the dishes. Mămăliga is also popular in Moldova and Ukraine. The porridge has a yellow colour.  
Plăcintă is a pastry usually filled with apples, pumpkin or cheese. The shapes can vary from round to square. Its taste is sweet. Plăcinta is a sort of cake and it is served as a dessert. For preparing this pastry you need eggs, oil, flour, grated apples, soft cheese(cow cheese, urda- sort of whey cheese) and raisins. After making the dough and putting the mixture you must put in the oven.  Plăcinta one of my favourite desserts. I remember how my grandmother made me apple pie in diamond shapes. 
Hope I grabbed your attention with these. There are lots of recipes, traditional recipes which I love from my country. The food is really good and I can't lie. If you don't believe me try some of the recipes and even better, come and try from the source. I guarantee that your effort will be rewarded. Maybe Roumania can be difficult and has many things to repair, but I think that as a country deserves a chance. I am proud to be born in Roumania. I am proud of who I am and what Roumania taught me.   

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