Let's show some Twitter love!

Alright, so I never done this before. I must admit that I don't have a large number of online friends and that on this list are the names of the bloggers which I love what they are doing. Simple girls, but extremely strong which I appreciate. I can't think about what I would have been without their little help... So to make it shorter, here's the list of some of my favourite bloggers, twitters, instagram friends:
Niki LeeMs Meatballhead Petals of Perfection A Northern SundayYanaChloeKatya Bychkova
Thank you to everyone and hope you all have a great new year full of opportunities! I make the wishes sooner... I can't believe it's winter again. Thank you for reading even my short posts! 


  1. Aw this is so sweet!! Happy holidays and a blessed new year to you :) xo


    1. Thank you! Happy holidays too plus an awesome new year full of nice surprises! xo