8 Movies I totally love

In the  last year, one of my main relaxation method was to watch movies on my laptop. Night, after night I watched a movie or two and now I have a big list to share with you. But for the moment, I will make a list of movies I really enjoyed to watch. These movies can change the way you look at things, life perspectives, true love which can not die or catchy adventures are all included. So if you haven't seen these, you must! Time flies for sure and 2016 comes to an end, but I promise myself to keep watching movies and reading books. These are taking me to another world. And I love to travel using my mind... 

❤ The book thief 
❤ Winter's Tale 
❤ Me before you 
❤ Pride and Prejudice 
❤ Life of Pi 
❤ The Walk 
❤ Prince of Persia 
❤ Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children 

These are just the movies I like when I write this post. In reality there are more movies that captured my heart than you can imagine. 

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