Let's talk about Generosity


I must recognise it's been awhile since we last talked. I am feeling so sorry, but my schedule was full and still is. The gif is obviously saying all I feel right now about you. Lots of things happened. I work a lot for making my dream come true and even if I didn't post a thing on the blog, I still posted pictures on Instagram from my little moments of pure relaxation. I had a few of these. Otherwise I learnt and learnt and did a lot of running. You know, sometimes and that's like most times our dreams appear impossible. That means you must work if you want to succeed. After all nothing that comes easy is worth having. Let's talk now, about generosity.

Why generosity as a subject after a very long time without a post here?

Simple answer: Christmas is around the corner. Let's complicate the answer, because it's what we people do, isn't it? We complicate things. Generosity I hope it's something natural for most of us. The first interaction with this notion is from when we first start to increase our personal friends group. More exactly, when we go to kindergarten. There, we share our food and toys and it feels so nice to give something without expecting anything in exchange. Oops! I revealed the definition of this not so small word, that can change lives.

What is generosity?

First, is a quality of being kind and not selfish. It means to give, without regret or expecting anything in exchange, any of your goods or money. I think it's sort of an act of courage, that mostly pure souls do. Also, it's something that I like to do as an everyday activity. I can't imagine myself being greedy, living just for me. It's in my nature and I really hope that I am not the only one.

Generosity is promoted in many holidays. Christmas is one of them. I think we shouldn't be generous just a day or two through the entire year. There are so many people and animals that need our help. We must open our eyes and be brave enough to accept it and see it as it is.

Don't take me wrong, I like Christmas, I can't say that I love it, but I like it. It's a nice holiday, excepting some issues and that's another subject. One of the reasons I like Christmas is for the joy you see in the eyes of the one you made a present. The happiness can be even bigger for both parts especially if we are making presents to the ones in need too. There's a special sparkle that this holiday owns.

Why we should be generous?

Just think about a single moment when someone gave you something. Didn't you feel appreciated? If we all would be generous, this whole world would be better. A smile is the best reward of them all.
So go out there and do a nice thing for someone. Be generous, be wild, be free, but most importantly be you!

I will come back soon with another post, I think. I don't promise anything. Till next time, take care!

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