Would you rather...

A week ago, surfing the internet, I found this site which made me to want to share my answers on the blog. Don't judge me! Hahaha! It's sort of a funny game, but it reveals a lot about someone's character. I copied below, a few questions and my answers will be bold.

Would you rather...
Be famous in this lifetime   or   Go down in history books 
Always tell the truth          or   Always lie 
Be Spongebob                     or    Be Patrick 
Die from hypothermia (cold) or Die from hyperthermia 
Only be able to whisper    or    Only be able to shout  
Skittles                                 or     M&M's 
Win the lottery                   or      Live twice as long 
If you could watch only one show for the rest of your life, would you rather...
Watch Sherlock                  or     Doctor Who 
Would you rather...
Fly like Superman              or    Travel like Spiderman 
If you could only have one, would you rather... 
Facebook                              or       Twitter     
Would you rather... 
Live forever or until the end of the Universe or Die right now with no afterlife 
Be a horse jockey                 or       Be a NASCAR driver 
Be a cat                                or      Be a dog 
See the future                        or      Change the past

Hope you enjoyed it! 

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