10 things that you must always remember

No matter where you are, at what point of your life or your financial level, you should always remember some things. Like what? Well, that's why I wrote this post. 
1. Remember from where you started. 
2. Remember birthdays. 
3. Don't forget to call your parents or relatives. 
4. Be thankful. 
5. Love life and remember good times. 
6. Remember to have some time just for yourself and your thoughts. 
7. Remember to inspire others and help them on their path. 
8. Lessons. Always remember what your way through life taught you. 
9. Remember those who always had been by your side. 
10. Don't forget to smile. 
A short list, but maybe the most accurate I could write. At some point in life, I may come back by this blog and read what was most important to me now. What is important to you? 

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