Lesson 1: Self Confidence VS Weight

This blog had a good subject when I first started to write about self love. It was somehow my niche. But with time, I realised it wasn't such an easy subject to write about. Just some pieces of what I lived, weren't comparing with some other people's stories. There are some tragic stories, some sad ones, but there's also hope and beautiful stories with a happy ending. And for sure I can't write something and be 100% sure that it will work for everyone, instead I write something I feel as a simple person and hope that the rest will  not just understand, but will be helped by it. I don't know why I named this a lesson, 'cause I am not a teacher, maybe just because I like how it sounds...

What is self confidence?

To be self-confident is to be secure in yourself and your abilities. When you are giving a presentation or a speech, it helps to be self-confident –- or at least to pretend that you are.
Confidence is a feeling of trust in someone or something. To be self-confident is to have confidence in yourself. Self-confident people don't doubt themselves. This is usually a positive word: you can be self-confident without being cocky, arrogant, or overconfident. If you know what you’re doing, you have every reason to be self-confident. (via )

So here's a little description about self confidence. I agree with the last phrase: "If you know what you’re doing,  you have every reason to be self-confident" . But what if you know what you are doing, but you lack self - confidence? I have my moments, when I am 100% sure that I am right, but I still hesitate and lose my chance. A moment like this can  ruin a big opportunity for my future. I don't want to, but who wants? No one. 

What I can do if I lack self confidence? 

Like I've already said, I am no expert. Just a simple girl discussing different and difficult subjects. In my opinion, you can be born with self confidence (which is the easy way), or you can build self confidence (and you need time and patience for it). Another way is to fake self confidence, but that's not what I want to do.  Building self confidence means you need to stop worrying about tomorrow. You need with little steps to get on the right path. I always had some problems with test papers. Even if I knew everything  it was to know, I was still making mistakes. Not big, but no matter their size, they are called the same way: mistakes. 
Concentration plays an important role. If you concentrate on what you have to do, you'll forget the emotions and with time you may become more self confident, when you'll see you can do it. Like you can see time is important. You can't become self confident from a day to another.

Self confidence VS weight 

I named this post like this, because I really think there's a connection. Having some weight usually means you lack self confidence and self love... But that's not a rule. You can be plus size and still live like a normal and charming person. 
Mass media, is the one that's telling us to be skinny, and that skinny means healthy. Again, wrong. Skinny is not healthy. Neither obesity. But you can't judge a book by its cover. If a person is skinny and even anorexic, or obese, we need to stop telling them how to look, what to eat and how to act. They can do whatever they want. They aren't less human than we are. They just have  little problems which can be solved. An important point that we always forget, is that you can't help a person who doesn't want to be helped. If a person feels fantastic in her or his skin, that's perfect. If she or he knows exactly what their weight is and what it can do to their health, but they have no regrets, and they like their condition, you need to stop judging. You need to let them be who they are.  It's not about you can't save anyone, but it's about you can't save someone who doesn't need to be saved. I think that's a lesson.
Weight problems can appear at any age. And there are various reasons. That's not just about fast food or lack of food. In my opinion, no matter what you eat these days, because you'll gain weight. I know persons who never ate fast food, just bio food from their own gardens and they still became obese. Like I've said, there's only my opinion, but I truly believe that our loved earth is attacked by our actions so the vegetables we grow are poisoned. I've never been the kind of woman to believe everything I read or watch. That's a rule for me. So I just collect various information and I choose in what to believe. I choose my truth according to my principles. I am just tired of TV shows which are showing how obesity comes from fast food. I don't say that fast food is healthy, but I am saying that's not a rule and we should open our eyes. We should look better on our plates. It's so sad that a lot of kids are counting their calories and number of proteins just for an extra chance not to be called obese / fat.  
Our society is not just blind, but it's cruel. If you are black they say jokes about black people. If you are gay, you have a disease. If you are obese, it's your fault 'cause you eat too much. If you are deaf, for sure your mother did something and that's her punishment. STOP! We can't continue judging. We can't live like that. We are all human. We are all on the same Blue Planet, at least for now. We breath the same air and sharing the same sky.
What I want to say in this post is that society, made from people like you, like me, like others, can change what one believes about himself or herself, from good to bad, from confidence to lack of it or vice versa. The weight problems are really discussed from TV to magazines, in schools and families, and that puts some pressure on someone's shoulders. We need to be more empathetic. A piece of advice from soul is better than a piece of advice collected from a TV show where people are digging for money. 

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