If I were... Chinese portrait

If I were a song, I would be Little things by One Direction, because of it's powerful message.
If I were a colour, I would be black or pink. For me, black is poetry.
If I were a spice, I would be hot pepper.
If I were a sport, I would be swimming or surfing.
If I were a writer, I would be Agatha Christie inspires me, but it is not the only one.
If I were my favourite dessert, I would be chocolate or ice cream.
If I were my favourite meal, I would be something with mushrooms.
If I were one of the seven wonder of the world, I would be Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
If I were a movie, I would be Jason Bourne. I've got a crush for spy movies.
If I were one of the 5 elements, I would be wind.
If I were a fabric, I would be silk.
If I were a verb, I would be discover, explore, write.
If I were an adjective, I would be ambitious, adventurous.
If I were a jewel, I would be quartz.
If I were one of the 5 senses, I would be sight.
If I were a country, I would be Romania.
If I were a mountain, I would be Himalaya.
If I were a sea,  I would be Black Sea.


  1. I love Little Things by One Direction!! :) this is a great post :) xo


    1. I am glad to here! Thank you very much sweetie ^_^