10 Questions to ask yourself rightnow

1.  Have you achieve some of your goals for this year? 
2.  If not now, then when? 
3.  Are you doing enough of what makes you smile? 
4.  Have you done something good today? 
5.  What would you like to do again? 
6.  Have you made someone smile today? 
7.  Are you in love with what you are doing? 
8.  Do you have any regrets? 
9.  Why aren't you happy? 
10. Have you done enough for your family/ for the ones around you/ for Earth?
I think these are great questions to ask yourself in order to understand yourself better, to know what your needs are and what you could improve. Here are my answers: 
1. Yes. 
2. - 
3. It's always space for better. 
4. I fed some dogs, I played with my nephews... 
5. There are lots of things: rightnow I want to swim, I can't wait till summer comes. 
6. My little nephew. 
7. You can't always do what you want. Life puts you in situations when you need to do what is right and not what you want... So, I think I am in one of these situations at the moment. 
8. Nope. 
9. But I am the happiest. 
10. It will never be enough. We always need to say more " I love you" & " Thank you!". I wish to do more and I am working on it.

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