Top 4 things I wish I knew about editing my photos for the blog when I started

WOW! This is the longest title I ever used on the blog. But it's absolutely necessary to use it. Like the title says, there are some things I wish I knew when I did my first photos for the blog. We live in a world passionate by pictures, immortalised emotions, actions or past times, a world of creativity, insensitivity, where image is the most important. So for bringing more people to your blog, I must say I'm no expert, but from what I've seen on my own journey, pictures count. You may ask yourself what I really wished to know? Well, here's the answer: 
 Oh, how I wish I knew about this tutorial from Design Your Own Blog: How to add a gold leaf or glitter texture to your blogI was looking for this for years. I always loved a touch of gold and the combination between this and pink. As fast as I could I changed my blog design into the one I dreamed of.  Also, I used this tutorial for my little freebies (   4 reasons why you should personalise your desktop + 4 free desktop wallpapers  ) or for post's pictures. & Unsplash : about the first one I found out four months ago, when somehow Unsplash didn't work. Both are amazing if you want free quality photos.  
♥ Auto-sizing photos to fit post area in Blogger: a super easy tutorial by Dana Fox. It is better to have a photo perfectly sized, than to have one too big or too small. A bigger photo, creates a chaotic blog with an unpleasant design. 
♥  Create your own style. Fake it till you make it! Don't stop mixing more and more graphics, photos and effects. You need to practice and you need to seek inspiration. Search on Pinterest, Google or Twitter for bloggers and let their creativity inspires you.

What are your tips and tricks on editing photos for the blog?

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