Me and Vegetarianism

Three hours ago, I had no idea about what to write. Now is different. I found myself again. I'm feeling a little bit more inspired and prepared to talk to you about being a vegetarian.  
For three years I'm going on a battle with my family about what I eat. They used to say there is no good in being a vegetarian, that this is bad for my body, but now they are more open to the idea or they saw that I'm really stubborn when I want and say something. 
My father loves meat and my mother is more like me when it comes to food. You can see that the worst battle was with my father, that couldn't understand, even if he loves animals too, why I decided to stop eating meat especially. I also eat less eggs, milk, but fish is something I still eat from time to time.  
Like you may know, we stay at the country. A beautiful zone with fresh air. We have chicken so we have "relaxed" eggs and we've got milk if we need from our neighbour. Everything is natural and animals, especially in my yard are the happiest. I've fought for my chickens life also. I managed to keep alive 80% of the chickens in my courtyard. I also succeeded on stopping my parents from multiplying them. Maybe for you this means I am crazy. But for me every single creature has the same right to be here, on Earth as I have. I treat them equally. I hate discrimination of all kind.  
At the country the most I hate is the mentality of raising your own food and by food I am referring in particular to raising your own meat. I can't understand how cruel a human being can be to kill a poor animal he raised for months.
So for me vegetarianism is something natural, it's a way of life. I will always try my best to make this world a better place. I'll do everything that I can. 

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