Let's talk about fears


Yeah, you've read it well. I've said F-E-A-R-S. We all have one or two. No matter if we recognise or if we play the brave one. Fear is something natural. The world is changing and that can be frightening. The fear of unknown, the fear of dark, the fear of snakes, the fear of heights...  well, I have none of these. But I must tell you that I am afraid of time. Time is my biggest fear. It flies too quick. I can't imagine myself being old... I really like how things are at the moment. But this won't last forever. Things will change. Sad, right?
Fear is not something impossible to get rid off. You can face your fears. You just need to find the courage that lays inside of your fragile body. That courage, that strength can move mountains. People can do more than what they expect. They just need to set higher goals and the force will come. 
The brain has a lot to do with fears. If you can convince him you are not afraid, than the fear will disappear. The trigger of a fear can be a bad experience or a trauma. Many of our fears are unfounded. Example: the fear of insects or spiders... They can't hurt us, but we act like they can. In reality they should be afraid of us. 
What about when you are watching a movie and you are very concentrated. It's dark around you. The main actor opens the door you know he shouldn't. And then, when he enters the door, your own door opens. Your heart is racing, your breath speeds up.
I have moments like the one described above. 

But why is fear important to us? Why we need fear? 

Well, we need fear for being safe. Crazy, right? Without fear, we won't act carefully. We would be so brave, that not even a tiger could stop us. Fear is essential in order to survive. Human race needs fear to evolve. After all, fear is a good thing!
Mass Media can make us to be afraid. How? By promoting only the bad part of the subject they are talking about, by promoting more violence related news. This can make us being afraid of the world we live in. I don't say that is a safe world, but it's not really so dark... 

How to get rid of your fears 

Remember when you were little and you were afraid of the dark? Because we think that dark is the perfect place to live for the monsters. Also, what about the monster under your bed?  
From what I've seen a lot of kids are afraid of being single in a dark area and they are frightened by the big and ugly monster that lives right under their bed.  
Fears are growing and living in our head. A small spider has a huge shadow. That's how fears are: when you are little your imagination works better, so every little thing can be a dragon. But with age, what have terrified you as a child, can stop scare you as an adult. In the worst case, what terrified you as a child will terrify you as an adult too. The fear can also grow bigger and bigger. That's depending from person to person.  
Fears need to be cut from the start. I am meaning, to face your fears when they are appearing. You can prevent the continue growing of the fear. 
Another step in getting rid off a fear is to accept it. Okay, you have faced your fear, but you need to be aware of the existence of it. Accept it and embrace it. You control your brain and not vice versa. 
You need to stop feeding your fears. DO NOT LET YOUR FEARS HOLDING YOU BACK.
Transform your fears in positive things. Do the thing you are afraid, have courage, and you'll see that it's not as frightening as it seem.
Good stuff is waiting for you and for getting it you need to take control of your mind. Remember: you are the boss. Fear is an illusion. 
Alright, so I've said "fear" like many, many times. But isn't this post about it?
When you are afraid of an object or situation for a long time that is called a phobia.
This is what it happens if you don't face your fears, if you don't cut them from the root. So start the process of being a free human being, without any fears now. Answer me:

What would you do if you weren't afraid?

Hope you understood this post. I don't know what made me to write about fears, but now I am feeling really happy that I've done it. Love you. Be fearless. 

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