A letter to my heart

Attention: This is not a typical letter or heart addressed letter.

 Dear heart,
 We've been through a lot together and we are just at the beginning of our journey. We will have many more adventures, many more places to explore, books to read, a lot of things to love and care about. I know you are healthy and strong and I love you for being this way.
We have a contract for some unknown time, here on Earth, so we need to fully understand each other.
I've seen you at your best, I've seen you at your worst. You don't need to hide. You are such a fragile organ and also so important.
Heart, we need to keep this clear: you'll keep beating and I'll keep work on my dreams. You may laugh, but people really care about dreams. You and your sisters, have a lot to do with dreams. You make me fall in love. With what or who? With little things especially, with beautiful souls.With animals and plants. With hot tea and rain. With smells and tastes. You make me wish something. You make me fight for it. I must recognize that you are working really hard when it comes to make the whole body enjoying and wanting what you proposed.
 Because of my strong love for you I must tell you and warn you about the world we live in. The world we need to discover, together.
People are good, but they don't always show it. They may hide inside, or maybe they didn't realised their bright side yet. Don't judge, don't get upset. You need to be wiser. Love them unconditionally and help them seeing the world different. Help them understand you, help them understand me.
Why? you may ask. Well, most times I feel like a very weird person. An extraterrestrial one. Some new and unknown specie. At least that’s how some people are acting around me.
Maybe, they are not so wrong... The shield you have is protecting you from being hurt by their attitude. Good for you. But, my mind is still searching for ways of making them understand. What? My true self. The one that is fighting against discrimination, the one that is wanting every little soul to know how to love themselves, the one that is suffering really hard when animals are suffering, the one that thinks in a different way.
Help. Help. Help. Do this and I'll be happy.
Never hate, 'cause I know how little space you have for that.
Protect yourself and take everything not for granted, but as a lesson so you can develop more and more and more... Teach, dance, laugh, do stupid & crazy things, be always yourself.
  As an end to this letter...
A heart beat. Hundreds of heart beats. I need you and you need me. You keep me alive... and I am so grateful for this.
Don't forget to always be brave.

With love, Alexandra.

So what are your words addressed to your heart? Write them down here in the comment section. Have a nice day!


  1. What a beautiful letter ♡♡ I hope you have a great day :) xo


    1. Thank you sweetie! Hope you are doing well. >.<