4 reasons why you should personalise your desktop + 4 free desktop wallpapers

I like to look at a nice picture when turning on the laptop. Better if it something inspirational + motivational + pink + gold + hd + includes flowers or pretty details. It gives me a special mood.  
My energy grows, my inspiration explodes. I don't know about you,  but for me wallpapers are an important part of my laptop. However, I don't like white backgrounds even if these are so cute and neither the dark ones. I like colours that can calm me and inspire me, such as pink, neutrals, light but not too light.  
4 reasons why you should personalise your desktop and quit the Windows Desktop Backgrounds: 
+ there are tons of pretty and free wallpapers you should try; 
+ a nice wallpaper can give you a better mood; 
+ it can reflect your personality; 
+ if nothing is on your taste, you can make it yourself.
So here are the download links for the wallpapers I've made:
"Nobody can stop me from rising"
Reddish version: 
1440 x 900              //              2560 x 1600 
 Pink version:
 1440 x 900              //              2560 x 1600 

"Life is better when you have coffee"
White version:
 1440 x 900              //              2560 x 1600 
 "Promise you'll remember me"
 1440 x 900              //              2560 x 1600 


Four super blogs where you can find more wallpapers for your desktop:
+ Something Peach 
+ Design Love Fest
+ Christina Greve 
+ Dlolleyshelp 


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