10 tips for waking up more productive

    Productive is a word we aren't always described by it. Is it hard to be more productive? My answer is no. You can be more productive starting from this moment. Like I always say, it all starts with your brain and your capacity of controlling it. Complex as it is, the brain can influence a lot of things. He is the start point of everything. Just remember, that you control your brain, you are in full control of it, you can do what you want, you just need to want. The intensity of the desire, is what makes things start moving. Every little pore of your body needs to wish what you want and to start working at it. Then comes the success too.
Not every morning persons is a productive one too. You can wake up in the morning and still to have none idea about what to do with your time so you are wasting it. "Time is money" and money come when you are productive. What you need if you really want to succeed is a little bit of change in your way of thinking and interpreting the things that are surrounding you.
  •  Before you go to sleep, think a little about what you are going to do the next day, set some goals, think positive, that you'll gone accomplish what you've proposed.  
  •  Sleep is also a factor in being more productive so go earlier to sleep and don't take your worries or problems with you. Relax, maybe drink some tea before you sleep. 
  • Make a moodboard and put it on your wall next to bed. So when you'll wakeup in the morning and see it, you'll be more motivated to do what you need to do that day. 
  • Take the breakfast and start your day with a smile. Prepare something delicious and eat it slowly. 
  • While taking breakfast you can listen to some music too. A dynamic one can change your mood in a positive way. 
  • Do a little workout if you have time in the morning, if not in the afternoon or walk before you go to bed. These things help! 
  • Read some quotes to get more motivated, read stories of people who found their way in life and never give up on your dreams. 
  • Go on a vacation somewhere you always dreamed.  
  • Take more time for you. Treat yourself first, talk to you, analyse, love yourself and really important trust yourself and your instinct. 
  • Be you and be awesome!


  1. Such nice tips! Really love it!


    1. Thank you! I'm so happy you liked it. Hope you have a lovely day!