The Legend of the Danube

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Today, let me share with you the beautiful legend of the Danube, which is perfectly separate Romania  of Serbia and Bulgaria. Danube is the second longest river after Volga, emptying in the Black Sea. The biggest part of it crosses my country, Romania. The great Danube, is magical and lots of legends are existing about her origins. 
For me it was a really nice experience to read the legend below, even if the Moon is the villain of the story. 
Once upon a time, the sky was the place where true happiness reigned, among the Sun and the Moon. Their garments where made of silver and gold and stars were shining bright, in an endless party. 
The Sun was always watching,  with the eyes wide awake, the Earth, establishing peace and justice with his golden arrows. His beauty, his glow, his love and care for the Blue Planet, made the Moon fell in love with him. But the feelings weren't mutual. Even if, the Moon tried her best to make the Sun fell in love with her, he was just smiling and not a second thinking about their possibility to marry. He was already in love with a little shiny star from another constellation, named Danube.  
Danube was so young, with her glow in continue growth. She loved the Sun with her entire soul and she couldn't imagine a world without his power, without his splendour. 
Their love was so strong that they decided to marry soon. But when the Moon found out, she was determined to get revenge. With a broken heart, she took advice from three evil spirits and together they used the magic against the happiness of the couple. The Moon went to the wedding and she approached the innocent bride. She said a few magic words and poor Danube fell from the sky right in the middle of the Black Forest Mountains, Germany. She transformed into a lake when hitting the ground. A lake with  clear and cold waters.
The Moon took care, gathering the trees around the lake, so the Sun to be unable to see his lover again.  
One day, a beautiful fairy came to the lake and while watching her waters she heard a whisper. That whisper become clear and clear, till the fairy understood the wish. The fairy helped Danube to see her lover again, by transforming her into a river and calling all the rivers to help her in order to gain strength and speed.
When seeing that, the Moon threw a stone from her crown in the way the river flow so she could stop it by raising a mountain in its path. But the strength Danube gained with the help of the little fairy and the other brothers, she crossed the mountain easily. Finally, she found the sea and embraced it joyfully. Every little drop of her watery body was now a mirror for her lover, the beautiful, the elegant, the great Sun. A small tribute for its greatness.  
The Sun never married the Moon, even if she tried to convince him, he refused. He couldn't love another one. In his soul was always an unique name: Danube. So he continued his job every time when the Moon disappears from the sky. They work separately. The Sun always looks down with love at his beloved one.

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