My definition of happiness

What is happiness for you?

 Such a simple question! My mind is already searching for the good answer. But I think, there is not a single answer. For me happiness is something you can find in the ordinary, in the little things. Happiness is a positive feeling, obviously. You can find happiness everywhere. If not, it's your duty to create it. Happiness is abstract, happiness is in the simpleness. Happiness is beauty. Happiness is a choice. 
For me happiness is when: 
- the sun is rising; 
- the birds are flying; 
- the flowers are blooming; 
- happiness is in the rain; 
- when the first snowflakes are coming; 
- I take a deep breath of fresh air; 
- I feel my blood rushing through my veins; 
- I look up to the sky; 
- I see an airplane; 
- the sun is fading; 
- the colours of the sky at sunset; 
- I look at the stars; 
- when I see someone smiling; 
- when I help someone;
- I feed the stray dogs; 
- I travel; 
- I read; 
- I am writing; 
- whenever I am with my family, friends and animals; 
- happiness is at home; 
- I take  a trip in the forest; 
- I draw; 
- I see a nice comment on my blog; 
- when I make someone happy; 
- when I am giving something; 
- when I discover, explore, learn. 
- ... . 
I could continue the list, because happiness is everywhere. Happiness is in every little atom of this world. We just need to find it, we just need to look closer. 


  1. This is such a beautiful post :) Yes, happiness is a choice! We have to delight in the small things :)

    1. Hello sweetie! Thank you so much for your nice comment!! So happy you enjoyed it. Hope you have a lovely week!