5 Movies to watch this weekend

What a better time to write a blog post than when it's raining and weekend is coming? I hope you've done well since we last "talked". I was for sure (and again, sorry) very busy. It was a hard month, but I can see it wasn't for nothing.
My new hobby is watching movies. I already saw The Godfather, Hunger Games, Thor, The Notebook... I am not making differences. I search and what I like I watch. It doesn't matter if it is about gangsters, romance, based on true stories or SF. I have a list of 39 movies that I've watched and some I love and some I just like. There are movies that are making you think. I can't say I like just a genre. Maybe one of the potential genre I tend to watch is the movies based on a true story or the movies that are playing with your mind, that are making you think. 
- The Godfather (all three parts are awesome): I don't know how and why I was fascinated by this movie. To see Marlon Brando playing Vito Corleone, to get a closer view of Italian Mafia and that time. 
- James Bond Spectre: somehow Spectre it was my favourite from James Bond series with Daniel Craig. 
- Takers: Paul Walker, Michael Ealy, Chris Brown... this movie made my night better. 
- Mr. Nobody: I didn't liked the whole movie. It was a little bit boring, exaggerated, but in the end the idea, the central point of the story deserved two hours of my life. A movie that is provoking you to think, to see things different. A part of me already knew these things. 
- The Walk: fascinating. I love it from the first seconds. Based on a true story, of  Philippe Petit, a young dreamer, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. 
You can find these movies for free online. That's how I've seen them all. On my laptop, before going to sleep.

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