10 Ways to make someone smile

I think that the best feeling in the world is when you can make people smile or laugh. Happiness is something so precious these days. Even kids are too preoccupied with the technology and forget to smile. We need more and more smiles like we need air. A sad community is not what we need. I am not one of those people that can talk with any stranger like they know them for a lifetime. I am more the shy type. But that doesn't stop me from wanting to see smiles around me. And now the big question:
When do people smile? 

The answer is so different from human to human. Some smile because they are alive, some smile because they've got some food for their family and some smile because they've got a goo shopping day. But it most exist a common way. Well, I believe that this way is through little things. I don't know a single person to hate the little things, but I know so many people to not appreciate the little things. When I say little things I am referring to a simple "Hello", a little question "How are you?", watching the sunset, being happy even when it's raining... The little things are actually those things we see and do everyday, some of us with passion and some of us because of the routine. 
Let see five situations: 
1. You wake up in the morning and go to the office. You feel the smell of something you love and when you look on your desk there is a coffee ready for you to drink. What a lovely gesture to do this for a colleague! 
2. Let's now imagine the moment you come from work or school. You see someone that needs help. Will you be the person to help him/her?  
3. Weekend. It's raining and you are sad because you thought to go on a picnic. Instead what if you make a tea, read a book and listen to the rain? This is one of my favourite activities. If not, go and dance in the rain. But be careful, you'll get sick. 
4. There is a dog outside your favourite shop. It's looking awful and it's begging for mercy. Again, will you help this little creature? For me, every time I make an animal or human happier is like I am winning the big pot at the lottery. I always have a big smile because of that.  
5. Instead of taking what you need and saying nothing, try to be more polite. I've seen lots of people that aren't sayig "Thank you". Well, for me this is so important. People need to know that they are appreciate and useful. That's a good way to show that someone was useful to you.

Which gesture will make you happier?  
Which gesture will make your community happier?

So here are ten ways to make someone smile:
- say something nice; 
- help someone; 
- say a joke; 
- surprise someone; 
- write something from your heart especially for that person; 
- craft something for her/him. 
- prepare dinner for someone; 
- buy something he/she needs; 
- smile yourself and spread the joy; 
- offer a coffee; 
- give a compliment; 
- motivate someone; 
- encourage them; 
- give free hugs; 
- listen to their problems when you can; 
- make time for the special ones; 
- don't forget the birthdays; 
- be positive and spread the optimism; 
- say thank you and let others know their work count; 
- pick some flowers for someone in your life; 
- give something to charity; 
- say every little thing you want to say to the ones you love NOW.  
- say "I love you"; 
- buy a meal for a homeless person; 
- give something to eat to a stray dog; 
- help an old person to cross the road;
- be nice and educated;
- find a home for a stray animal; 
- make some cleaning in your wardrobe and give the clothes to the poorest; 
- and all the good things you can do for the others. 
I am sorry I've lied. Here are over 10, (30) but I couldn't stop myself. I am feeling the best when I help so the most of the list is about helping from people to animals. What's making you happy?

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