10 Things to be this year

Another year passing by, moments running like crazy. I feel a little bit old. Can't believe is 2016!! But if that is true, and I know it is, then I'll just have to make a post, on year's first day about what I wish to do and be in 2016.
First, I want to be thankful to everyone that made 2015 awesome. It could be better, but we need to stop wishing more and more, and start realizing that life is all about this moment we live, about the present, and neither the past or future really count. The moment I live writing this post should be and is, important for me. Because, life is made of little moments and things we should start enjoying, and there's another little mention I want to make: little thing after little thing is making the big one!

- mindful: is one of the keys to success! I really need to pay a little more attention to the surroundings.  
- carefree: I am worrying way too much. That's why this year I will learn to throw the weights away and enjoy the life as it is. No more sceneries, no more worries! 
devourer of books: I already started the 100 book challenge last year. But was too hard to finish it, so I remained at 36. Enough, but not really! 2016 is the year! I need to read at least twice as much as in 2015! 
- inspired: one of my favourite things to be. I love to feel the wave of inspiration taking me away.
I am an artistic spirit and I love it! 
- thirsty for knowledge: another of my favourite things to be! 'Cause I can't understand how can you exist without putting lots of questions? I can't. I put 1000 questions per second. I love to find more and more about the things around me. 
- traveller:  the feeling of freedom and the avid thirst for discovering and exploring... 
- empathic: is the major necessity for the human nation. We need to be more empathic. We need to put ourselves in other's skin, stopping the wrong judgement and starting to understand the persons surrounding us.  
- courageous:  I started this year great and I hope it will continue like this and even better - I already did some things I never did before or even dreamt about... 
- dreamer: I will keep being this one. 'cause dreams are my only treasures, and Dreamland is the only place to be. 
- thankful: never the last thing to be. It's the most important on Earth, to know how to be thankful for everything you have. And when I say everything I really mean it: the simple fact that you breath, or have water to wash, light in your home, food to feed your family, education, learning possibilities, some bread on your table... Are LOTS of people out there without this possibility. So don't waste it and be THANKFUL!


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