Letter to myself: keep going 'cause you are on the right path.

I recognize it was just a moment of craziness very close to  midnight, when this thought of closing the blog was haunting me. With this post I want to remember myself all the beauty that this blog brought and is still bringing into my life.

 Dear me,
 maybe it's been awhile since you've wrote something and you felt like not good enough or not prepared for continuing with this blog thing, but I'll tell you something: once you started you can't get enough of it. Remember? You started this for the first time in your childhood and even if you had abandoned it, you restarted blogging through this beautiful and magical blog, called Alexandra's Paradise. I think you need this reminder because we all need an anchor sometimes. That's why we are people. We need something to rely on. So, for you, I need to say that ending with this blog, won't get you peace. Will only bring you a ghost of what was and what it could be one day if you were sticking to it. Don't give up on your dreams, on your wishes even if they don't seem like successful for a moment. It will come your time one day. And you need to be there to catch the wave of success that will appear. And if you won't be, well you'll lose it. Waves come and go. They don't stop. Opportunities don't wait for us to wake up, they just come and if you are ready you'll win. If not, not. It's that simple. I still can't understand how this idea came to you. How could you kill your child you've raised for almost three years? How could you end all this beautiful work and progression you've made? You simply can't. That's why you are writing this to yourself. To convince yourself you are on the good path. You need to continue. Keep going, keep writing!
With love, yourself, your conscience.
 The pieces of advice you find here are available for you too. Don't give up on your dreams. Keep going! Work hard, dream big and you will win. Someday, somehow... You can't get all now. But that doesn't mean that you will get nothing at all. For me this blog brought friends, amazing people into my life, inspiration and examples of people that made their dreams come true, positive vibes, positive minds + taught me how to do lots of things blog design related + taught me to be more me + that work is the key. Writing this I realized how much blogging means to me. So thank you for being here and reading this. Thank you for being you!

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