What I am currently doing?

Currently I am...

Reading: Miracle by Danielle Steel
Playing: Sims 3
Watching: NCIS military investigation, wishing to watch The Hunger Games Mockingjay part 2 (don't know when)
Trying: to find my path in life, to write more, dream bigger, relax, make life easier.
Eating: escalope and rice.
Drinking: tea, water, coffee.
Calling: no one.
Pinning: inspirational things, such as quotes and moodboards.
Tweeting: nothing in the last time; so sorry.
Doing: blog posts.
Going: to the mountains.
Loving: life, family including my pets, books and movies.
Hating: stupidity. 
Discovering: new places.
Enjoying: my time on the blog.
Thinking: positive.
Feeling: loved.
Hoping(for): peace and open-minded people.
Listening(to): One Direction - A.M. , Paloma Faith and Oh Wonder.
Celebrating: life and my father's birthday.
Thanking: for everything.
Considering: running as a permanent exercise in my fitness routine.
Finishing: this post.
Starting: new stories, new plans, new posts.

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