How to make a moodboard in five easy steps

I'm so excited about my moodboard and can't stay too much until making another one. Why? Because these are sooooo simple and fun to do! How? Here is where I'll come to show you!
 1. First decide why are you making it. It's purpose. You need to know if it is for your business or for fun. Depending on this you can complete the next step.
2. Search the right images.Where? It's very simple to find them on Pinterest, my sweetest love! I never get enough of it. There are so many cool pictures and great people out there. For me, Pinterest worked awesome, like you can see! Also, you can search on other sites, like or Unsplash. These are sites I usually use for my blog post's photos. When you search for your pics, make sure you are choosing pictures according to your theme.  
3. For making the collage I used Picmonkey, 'cause it's free, fun and simple to use. We are old good friends!  
4. You can put your images in a variety of ways. Let your imagination free! Mix them: squares, circles, rectangles...  
5. As a last step, I love to add some colours similar to the theme. Have fun!! And I can't wait to see your moodboards if you like to share them!

Some of my favourite moodboards are made by Breanna Rose and also, the one that helped me with her tutorial Hannah of Not Very Obsessed .


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  2. Thank you for mentioning me in your post, I'm glad my moodboard tutorial has helped you out and lovely to see a simple moodboard tutorial on the web.


    1. Thank you and sorry for my late answer. You helped me a lot! Hope you have a great week!