10 Reasons to be happy

Once in a while I write this kind of posts. You may ask why. Well, because people need a little reminder. We have everyday, at any time, a million reasons to be happy. Life is something so hard to describe. It's unpredictable for sure and we are so little in comparison to the Universe. We are here now, at this exact time, but we can't be sure we will be here next second. Seconds are also big units of measurement for time. Sometimes it only takes a millisecond and everything is changed.  That's why we need to learn to be optimistic, to be happy and to visualise everything around us different. 
Here I'm referring to say no to discrimination, judgement, rude commenting and become instead empathetic, put ourselves in someone else's place. This will make us see things clearly. Life would be so much easier if we simply stop doing the bad habits and enjoy little things. Being human is not easy at all. And this is one of the reasons. We complicate each other's life and then hope for a positive end of the story. We need to understand each other, help each other, love each other. That's pretty much the essential of life. But what we really do? We make it harder to socialize, to integrate entirely in the society for different people, we complicate life, and put anything else on the first place, but not us.  
- at least we are still here: many of us are at this moment struggling, fighting for life, or already dead. Their mission ended. Ours is still loading. We need to wake up, see clearly the priorities and make this time spent here, a nice one both, for us and the people around us.
- the future is bright: no matter what, good things will still come in your life. Remember: If bad things didn't exist, how would you know that the good ones, are really good? In life we need a little bit of comparison to realise what it really matters. 
- your family, friends, pets: they love you, they need you, they believe in you. Smile for them, for the memories, for the little moments together. They will always be there for you! 
- happy means healthy:  at least that's what studies show. Happy people are healthier. 
- you are not a tree: that means you can move, you can change your life, you can change the things you don't like. You don't need to live someone else's life. 
- you can make history:  like I've already said you've got a mission here, on Earth. You can change someone's life for the better.  
- coffee exists: just me and my coffee and I am so happy. What about you? 
- magic exists: I do believe in magic. 
- one smile can change your life and someone else's too. 
- smile because you can. 


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