Love / Hate Tag

On September 25 I've been nominated for The LOVE / HATE TAG by the most wonderful girl out there, Yana from TimeWithYana. Yana, I am sorry for my late post, but I haven't been on the laptop for a long time... Busy, busy, super busy... Please visit her blog! I promise you will be shocked by her awesomeness as much as I did. Here is her post for the tag.


10  things you love
10 things you hate 
Tag 10 other bloggers to do the challenge. 


 + Animals. I think I am the most craziest person on this world when it comes to animals. I love them with all of my heart and I do everything I can for them. 
 + I love to read. Reading is a big part of my life. It's a really special activity that I love to do and I will always keep doing it. Got some interesting books? Give them to me! 
 + I love the stars, the Universe, the moon... I would love to spend my time outside every night looking at them. It's something so magical, so romantic and strange about them. I always dreamed about my room in the attic and me sneaking outside on the roof and looking up to the sky. Still a dream, but dreams come true, right? 
 Rain. Rain smell, touch, everything related to rain is making me happy. Rainy days are the best for me. A cozy armchair, a good book, some tea or coffee, music on the background, a purring cat and some rain sounds like the perfect day for me! 
 Writing. But that's not a secret. I write here, on the blog, I write fiction on my notebook, I write, write and rewrite. I love doing this, and I would love to do this for the rest of my life, for eternity if possible. I have tears in my eyes right now, 'cause I love doing this and I am so afraid of losing it. Losing the time for my imagination, losing my time for my blog, losing my time for my passion is driving me nuts. Can't imagine my life without these! I will fight for making my dreams come true! 
 + I love making memories and taking photos even if I have so much more to learn.  
 + I love my family, my real life friends and my blogger friends! I must say about the perfect relationship between me and my sister. I love her with every little piece of my heart! She is the most perfect person on this Universe. I am so damn lucky to have her and I hope she thinks about me the same. 
 + Shopping is my all time favourite activity. As tired as I feel after a shopping spree I am always filled with happiness... 
 + Learning may be strange for some of you to be something that I love. But I do love learning new things, discovering and exploring. For now I am getting better with my German skills and looking forward to some North Europe language, maybe... 
 + Travelling. It's something that I've got from my parents for sure. I love to travel, learn and check out new places. 


- I hate to hate. I hate hate. I hate to be hated.  
animal cruelty; 
fake people; 
- too much stupidity;
 blindness. I mean the blindness of those who can see; 
 people that forget they have a brain; 
 when I don't have time to write for the blog or when I don't have inspiration for what I need; 
 - quick to judge people.



Hope you will like this tag as much as me. Love you and see you soon!


  1. Aw, thank you for all your nice words, I'm blushing like a tomato right now :D
    Reading your post made me realize how much we have in common! X

    1. I never thought someone could transform in a tomato because of me. But that's okay, I love tomatoes ☺ So happy you like it! Thanks for reading this so fast! Hope you will have a wonderful weekend!