Different is the secret

Hey, you! We haven't seen each other for awhile... Well, you know, today is that day when ideas come to me without me running after them. So here I am: writing about differences. 

Why? Why are you writing about differences?

Why not? I can ask in return. First of all, even if we are different human beings we tend to judge each other, we tend to hate each other because of our differences. That's so wrong, dear. Maybe another "Why?" is flying in your head. Because differences are parts of us that are making us who we are. Without that "different ingredients" we would be a bunch of identical and annoying human beings. Differences are so special and are made to be loved.

Second, I am writing about differences wishing that some of these action to stop:

- people judging people;  
- the gossip; 
- the hate; 
- the bullying in schools and everyday life; 
- laughing of someone else's differences; 
- your insecurity and of course, your fear of being yourself. 
How can I get over that fear? 

If you want to succeed in life you need to trust you and your instinct. If you feel like doing something else, than do. You are not a tree. You can move. You can change your life. That's why it's called "your life".  You are the writer / designer of your own story. To fully live life you need to let go of that fear. Be happy and embrace who you truly are. Differences are making as special. Differences are beautiful and made to be loved, like I already said. Your true self is also ready to be introduced to the world. Don't be a two mask human being. Be you, inside and outside.  Accept your good points and your bad ones too. Just remember: you are who you are just because of them.

- forget about being too much of anything and just be yourself; 
- dance on your own rhythm and do it well; 
- do what makes you happy; 
- have the courage to say no;- also say yes to adventures; 
- talk to yourself, discover the true you; 
- make a list of the things you love about yourself and remember that the ones you hate are as great as the ones on the list. You just need to widen your eyes. 
- the world would be such a plain thing without differences; 
- remember: it doesn't matter if you are white, black, with long or short hair, blue, black or green eyes, funny or serious, gay or homophobic, good at drawing or not, a superhero or a simple human being as long as you respect me I'll respect you. 
Differences are like the salt and the pepper in food. Accept them, embrace your true self, embrace the differences in other and never joke about them. They can hurt a lot or heal. I prefer to choose the second option, where I can heal me and the ones around me by accepting the differences and love them deeply.  

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