The Blogging Series: How to keep on writing

You may ask "Why is she writing about inspiration?". Well, maybe because I've had my own issues when talking about inspiration. These issues I would say that are something natural for creative minds. After doing something a lot, you may be left with nothing. Zero inspiration. That is called a writer block. 
It's not easy of being a writing machine. It's not easy at all. Just a few people can say that they can write at any time or for many months  without stopping. It's okay to be exhausted sometimes. I felt that. Every time I am feeling tired, I just take a pause and breath. I analyse everything around me and that's from where I get a lot of inspiration.
Here is a little list to help you with your writer block. You can thank me later... just kidding!

  1. Breath! I know I've already said that, but it's important to let go, relax and breath. Don's stress out. Inspiration comes when you least expect. 
  2. Be patient and observant. Look at people around you. Go on a trip in the middle of nature. Listen carefully... can you see it too? Inspiration!
  3. Also, make sure you take your notebook or your phone with the note app. You never know when you need to write a piece of conversation or some title that popped up in your mind.
  4. Listen to music and take inspiration from the lyrics.
  5. Read.
  6. Brainstorming.
  7. Search Google... it's always a good idea.
  8. Try Pinterest too!
For now that's all I can come with... If you know / practice the inspiration hunt you can share your tips in the comment section below! See you soon & don't forget: I love you! 

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