10 Ways of being strong enough

Do you know I've been missing you? Well, I did. I am so empty without my blog and my readers. As cheesy as it sounds, I am nothing without you. So, I think I should say a big THANK YOU for waiting me, for waiting for my blog posts.
Also sorry, for the long title. But I think it's really important to learn to be strong. We are fragile, we are like glass, but we are usually treated like iron. Everyday, people spread love, but they spread hate too. And hate isn't for fragile creatures. Hate shouldn't be a word. Hate shouldn't exist. But it still is here. So, we need to live with it. How? Ignoring isn't really a long-time  solution. It depends from human to human, from problem to problem.  I am not an expert, but at least I can try to help you. This post will be more about self-love and how you can ignore the rude comments.  
Here are the 10 ways of being strong enough and ignore people's comments:

  1.  They know your name, not your story;
  2. Remember that you are unique; 
  3. Think positive;
  4. Relax;
  5. Just think about the qualities;
  6. Not everyone is right. You choose who is;
  7. Don't let anyone hurt you;
  8. Be indifferent. This can hurt more your critic if you put a BIG smile on your face;
  9. Break the rules. This one works on fashion, life, everyday rules too.
  10. You are beautiful just the way you are, inside and out. Remember that!

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