#TheSelfLoveChallenge13 Entries List

When I've started this almost three weeks ago, I hadn't thought this will be so well received. A big group of bloggers and vloggers accepted the challenge with arms wide open. This challenge made me so happy, because through it I can help people and this is what I have always dreamed about. I want people to feel good in their own skin. I want them to stop the stupid battle for perfection. We don't need to achieve perfection. We are born imperfectly perfect. We have one life, one time to shine, one body that is the house of our soul and we need to start loving it. We need to learn how to love our body, our imperfections that are making us who we are. We are just like art. Little pieces of art. And art isn't made to look perfect. It's made to make us feel something. That's what this is all about. We are made to feel and to make others feel as well. We are unique.                                                                                                                                                             
Today, I want to share with you some of the entries that I have found about. I am so glad that I can share this with you. Thank you to every single person that have accepted the challenge and for understanding the goal!                  
 {the first link is to their Twitter // the second for their challenge post}
                   ❤ Sophie Edwards ~ Petals of Perfection 
                    Yana ~ TimeWithYana   
                    Skay Twitter ~ Skay 
                    Holly Banfield ~ Holly's Beauty Secrets 
                    Claire Ellison ~ Palm Trees and Taxis  
                    Lucy Ward ~ That Brown Eyed Teen
                    Chloee ~ Hey its Chloe xoxo
                    Francesca Rose Francesca Rose Blog
                    Letstalkboutevrythin ~ Lets just talk about everything
                    Catherine ~ Counter Pretty
                    Ellen Grace Smith Fishnetsxd

 These are the ones I have found. Maybe out there are more. If you know someone that isn't included here, please let me know in the comment section below and I will complete the list. Everyone is free to make the challenge. Even if you are not a blogger just take a paper and a pen and start thinking about your strengths, about your qualities instead of thinking negative, about what you need to change at yourself.   

          P.S. Please forgive me for giving you such a long list of 13 people to nominate.           All I have wanted was to make sure a big number of persons will make this                    challenge. It's nothing wrong if you had nominated less than I've said.

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