The Dummies' Guide To Travel

At this time I should be on the beach, enjoying the sun. Why I say I should? Because I've planned this post. I can't lie. I won't have time or WiFi to write for the blog. So, in order to not be forgotten, I've made this post before leaving. 

Don't take me as a specialist in travelling. I may have parents with a very big travelling history together, but I am not a specialist. I may be one of the wanderlusts from across the world, but I haven't really travelled abroad. (except the trip to Varna, you  can read about here.) However, I still have some experience. And if you are searching for some tips for your travelling experience, you are in the right place.

I love travelling. It's always been one of my biggest wishes to travel across the world. I am addicted to the whole process, I love to discover, explore, to take photos, have fun and learn. Learning is almost synonym to travelling. Why just synonym? Because travelling involves more. You learn, you grow as a person, you get to change your point of view. Hard to believe, right? Just try to imagine a trip to Africa. You know how beautiful Africa is. You also know how many people are suffering there. But to know, doesn't mean to really believe. Well, once you are there, and get to see the truth, everything changes. Even if you already knew, it's a lot more different to be there, living that on your own skin. Travelling is a complex process. Travelling is beautiful and it's something that if you invest your money in, you will never lose. You just get richer. Travelling and books are the best things money can buy.

I don't know what I have today, but I am talking a lot. I mean, I am writing a lot. I am a very talkative person, but when it comes to writing blog posts I just write a few words. Not just a few words, nor a thousand. Today something strange happens to me...

Do you really want that dummies guide to travel?

If the answer is still yes, let's get to the point. I will write about 10 tips that will help you in your trips. 

  1. Number one, always make sure you have the right clothes. I mean, you can't go to Alaska wearing a swimsuit...
  2. Plan your holiday in detail and be careful. Lots of travel agencies are fake!
  3. Google about your destination. Take some notes about the local attractions.
  4. Don't forget your camera! This is the best opportunity to make some photos for your Instagram!
  5. Also, when making your luggage, make sure you include some warm clothes in case it rains, if you are going to a warmer zone. Try to take clothes that are properly with the destination. Make a little research. You need to be prepared for everything!
  6. Take your passport, visa, inoculation documents if necessarily.
  7. Make sure you have space in your bag for souvenirs! Remember and buy souvenirs for you and your home, for your friends and family. They will be so happy for the gifts!
  8. Keep your valuable items safe! Don't expose too much jewellery, make sure your wallet is safe and have a bag that doesn't attract attention. You need to blend with the crowd.
  9. Respect your budget! Try not to pay more than you have.
  10. Have fun and relax! Try to discover, learn more things about that place you have chosen for your holiday! Remember that you are there to learn and also to breath. Always have a balance between worries and relaxing.


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