Let's talk about feelings + Bonus 30 ways to be happier

I want to keep this post as simple as I can, because feelings are complicated to explain. We don't talk as much as we should about our feelings. Sometimes we put ourselves on the last place, when it's not absolutely necessary. What I want to say today through this post, is that we shouldn't be afraid to recognize our feelings and share them. We should be able to share them with the people around us, to ask for help when 
necessary, but never fight alone. I want to share with you my six circles of feelings. This is what I feel like in general. I am really curious to read how you feel and if I can help you.
My 30 ways to be happier
1. Read. For me reading is a big part of my life and will always be. It's my number one way to be happier. I always dreamed of a secret library. 
2. Breath deep. 
3. Love. Love everything that surrounds you. Every little thing is important and you must learn this.
4. Do workouts. These can make you feel better about yourself. But don't exaggerate.
5. Take a walk. A long walk can refresh your brain. Even if you go out with your dog, it can help. 
6. Long baths.  
7. Do something you love. 
8. Watch a movie. 
9. Listen to music. 
10. Dance - like no one is watching - 
11. Spend time with friends, family, pets. 
12. Travel more. 
13. Drink coffee. 
14. Write your feelings. 
15. Read some quotes. 
16. Always dress in pretty clothes. 
17. Drink some tea. 
18. Run. 
19. Read some magazines. 
20. Smile - because you can & you should - 
21. Be yourself. 
22. Buy some clothes or shoes - or both - 
23. Sing.  
24. Play video games. 
25. Take a look in the mirror and enumerate your body qualities. 
26. Stop being negative. 
27. Let it go. 
28. Have patience. 
29. Sleep well.  
30. Be thankful.

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