Immortal Memories

Days are passing by... We are getting older with every breath we take. This scares me. I'm trying to do my best and make the moments unforgettable. Hard, right? It doesn't exist a secret recipe. Maybe, just a few keys... "Like what?"  you could ask. Like craziness, wildness and courage. It takes a lot of  courage to have what to tell your grandchildren. You need to be crazy in order to take the hardest adventures and you need to be wild in order to have fun. I think there is more about memories, than we know. 
Memories are little treasures that  we are carrying with us for the rest of our lives. These are the ones that are holding us at the surface. That are making us to fight. Memories are giving us power, so we could win. Memories are special and hard to define. These things can hurt us as well. Remembering a person that is no longer in our lives, or a place we will never see again, can almost destroy us. 
I really like to believe, that a person is made to create these memories. They are the only things we will have forever. No matter what, no one can take these from us and from the person which been there with us. Even if we die, or we get really sick and can't remember anything, memories are still living through the persons that were involved or through the children and grandchildren that have heard these. Memories are forever. 

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