Free stock photo resources + Editing tips

My head full of ideas, came up with a new idea... Awkward! The Blogging Series, where I'll show you how to do lots of things blogging related, where I'll share with you my knowledge gained in these almost two years of blogging. You may say this is not an original idea, but I will try to do it better than others, showing you some unique tips and tricks. Even if I am not blogging for a long period, I had always focused on the design of my little corner on the internet, so I have learned a lot about this. 

Free stock photo resources

I know that time when you want to write a new post, but you have zero photos related to the subject. Hard, right? Almost all of my post's photos are from Unsplash. A wonderful, life saving website full of high quality photos. And guess what? These are absolutely free! I love Unsplash. It's my favourite photo resource. They post 10 photos every 10 days so be sure to check this.
Life of pix
My second choice when not finding what I needed on Unsplash is Life of pix. High quality photos for free. You don't need to give credit to someone. You can get noticed when posting new photos by email. Cool, right?
I use this one very rare... even if it does have great high quality pics. I usually forget about this one, but it's so awesome. Again, every pic is for free! What can be greater?
This one is the rarest I use and not because it doesn't have high quality pics, but because it has just funny pics. Free, free, free...

+ Editing Tips

Here I want to talk more about what programs I use for editing my pics. These are only online free programs. You may already heard about these, because are really popular right now. 
This one has a lot of free things you can use for your pics! Easy to use. It has lots of templates from social media photos to Facebook cover. I just love it!
 Must used by me. I can't imagine my blog posts without photos edited here. Easy to use, with lots of free graphics, a multitude of texts... PicMonkey has a big potential. I love it!! 

 Hope I helped you! Leave your opinion in the comment section below! Have a nice day! 

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