13 Things you can do for your body

I am sorry it took me so long to return with a post on the blog. I had no inspiration. Shame on me! I always had been the most inspired human being in the room, but today wasn't really my day. Well, till now. When a blog post idea hit me. Literally it did. Have you ever thought of things you can do for your body? I did. And if you have no idea, then you are in the right place. I will show you what you can do for you and your body. 'Cause your body deserves more. 
Never let your body be your last worry. You don't need to exaggerate either. You just need to make some time for you and your body, like you are making time for you and your soul. These two are the most important pieces we have so we need to make them work well. Soul & body. Hand in hand. Just like that. 
Why you should care about your body?
Your body is what people are seeing. It's one of the factors that can help building people's opinion about you. It's the image that will pop up in everyone else's mind when thinking about you. It's what you use in this life to make your dreams come true. No, I am not meaning you should lose weight so you will be more fashionable, or you should over make up yourself. I mean you should take care of your body, feel beautiful the way you are, rock your body, be proud of it and this my darling, is what people will remember. The confident girl with the brightest smile on her face, always thankful, always proud to be herself. 
How can you take care of your body? What you can do for it?
It's simple. I mean really simple. First of all, you must love your body. If you love your body, everything else comes natural. This part is the most difficult one. We are always tending to believe that our flaws are the ugliest in the world. That these little details can ruin our success in life. And there's no bigger lie. You still can succeed in life. No one on Earth became famous because they are flawless. Not even the biggest stars out there. They all have secrets. They all have flaws. We just need to stop looking just for the flaws in people. We need to start looking for who they really are. Flaws don't define us. Flaws are little parts of us that are making us unique. 

When looking in the mirror, don't be shy or disgusted by what you see. Remember yourself you are an awesome human being, that you are powerful and you've got that power from your body. Be thankful for owning such a stunning and unique piece of art.

 Take long baths. Relax yourself while taking care of your body. Introduce some bath salt, herbs, petals of roses. 

 Stop doing things like hating your body. It's not your body's fault if you lost the job. It's not your body's fault for not being able to fit in the skinny jeans. No, it's not. It's not its fault, but it's neither yours. The mad world we're living in. That's the cause. The overexaggerating wish of perfection. We are made this way for a reason. Don't lose your time to fight with crazy people, instead go and find that reason.
  You are more. Your body is more. It's more than just a number on a scale. It's more than just a number of centimetres. Your feelings are the only ones that matter. 
 Remember "Life is not about how good you are looking. Life's about how many memories you are capable of creating, how many people you can inspire, how many things you can change in this world."
  Work on your confidence. That's the real key to a hotter body. Your confidence it's magic. This is how you can impress.
 Do workouts.  Not to lose weight, not to impress. Do it for you. For you to feel better in your skin. For you to be happier.
 Remember what you have done with that body. Be proud of your achievements with it and become an example. You have fought with an illness? Great! That makes you a fighter, a strong example. Had you climbed  a mountain? Awesome! You are so ambitious. Have you...? I think you've got the idea! Go and don't forget to be proud of your body!
 You must stop to compare yourself to others. You are U-N-I-Q-U-E ! I have spelled that for you. Hope you now understand...
 Healthy over skinny! Note that! Skinny is not healthy. Neither is obesity. 
 Find the things you love at your body. Focus on that! Also try to love the other parts too!
 Dress suitable for your body type so you will love your body harder. The pieces  that highlight your inner gorgeousness are the best!
 Never ever listen to the people's opinions. At least not so much that you will start hating your perfect body! Always be and think positive!

So here are some of the things you can do for your body. There are lots more... You can make your own list and follow it. Try to love your body a little more. It deserves it!



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