What really is the disease of the century?

Do you think you know the answer? Think again!

I read everywhere that depression or obesity are the diseases of the century. But you know what? I don't believe that! Because I can see by myself what that disease is looking like. Everything started from their fault. And it caused pain, it caused starvation, it caused even death. I think that the real disease is the wish of perfection.
It seems almost impossible for you? But it's not. I can turn around and see. I can see in the store the clothes made for dolls. Yeah, that's the right world. The shelves full of makeup, full of wigs, hair extensions, miraculous ointments and other things that can totally change our outside picture. Because we can't change the real person, the one behind the mask. And we all are here for that burning wish of perfection. I talked in the last posts about ( Top 5 lies we are saying ourselves , that and I can say it all over again. We can't be perfect. We are made with imperfections. And that's okay. We don't need to be what the magazines, the TV and all the media tell us. We need to be ourselves and feel good. We need to be happy in our own skin! Without starvation, without extra makeup or surgeries. 

 How this can happen?

 We are taught that  beauty means skinny, that our imperfections must be corrected in order to be happy. From the magazines we can see a dress that is not our size. We start to think we are unattractive, that we are fat, even if it's the normal weight. In the modern society we live in, the normal weight was denatured. Now, normal means skinny. Skinnier you are happier you will be. That is fake! They say you need to count your calories, to pay attention to the aliments, that what you eat you will become. Yeah, you need to pay attention to the aliments, but do you want to know what remains unsaid? The fact that in our days, nothing is sure, guaranteed! All of the food is processed, nothing remains healthy. It doesn't really exists a miraculous vegetable or a powerful medicine. We are paying attention to our plates for nothing. I think that even what we produce in our own gardens, as I do 'cause I am a vegetarian, is not really healthy. You may ask why? And I will answer, that our planet is polluted and if we will do nothing, we will achieve the end.  The end of us. The soil, the sunshine, the water, begins to be more and more polluted. Also the seeds bought from the store are also made with chemicals. The things now are like I've said more and more complicated. And what we do? We do nothing. Nothing to save everything.

Imperfect => means perfect

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