The Self Love Challenge 13

I am tired of hearing "I hate myself". Lots of girls and sometimes boys say that. I think we all need something to remember us that we are perfect just the way we are. We are awesome human beings with feelings. That's why I am starting this challenge: "The Self Love Challenge". I don't have any idea of people doing this on the internet, but if you do, if you know someone with a similar idea share it in the comment section below. 

What this challenge will be about?

It will be about people. It will be about feelings. It will be about recognizing our awesome self. We need to know, to see the gorgeous part of us. We all have one. We have both lovely and ugly parts. That's what human beings are. Just start looking for the best in people. This will help. This is what the self love challenge is about.

What are the rules?

This challenge has some rules. Everyone I nominate here needs to nominate 13 more bloggers or vloggers. You will need to write 13 things you love about yourself and forget about the word selfish. You aren't selfish or full of yourself  if you write what you love about yourself. You need to realize how beautiful you are and you need to start loving yourself. Another rule is sharing the post and tagging it with #TheSelfLoveChallenge13  
You may ask why 13? because  April 13, 2014 is when this blog was born. You also need to thank the person who nominated you. 

Ready for the challenge? We were born ready so let's go!

So here are the 13 things I love about myself!

  1.  I love my black eyes. They are like the midnight sky.
  2. I love my brows, because they are thick.
  3. I love my body, because it is mine and it's unique.
  4. I love my creativity and how I write.
  5. I love the fact that I am intelligent and my desire to explore, to learn more about this planet.
  6. I love my nails, because they are long and natural French made. 
  7. I love my nose. This is funny, but I do.
  8. I love my natural easy learn thing. I learn things fast and most of the time by myself. 
  9. I love my memory. It's huge! It's almost perfect... 
  10. I love my dimples. I find them lovely. And my smile, because it's the best thing a girl can wear.
  11. I love my imperfections. Without them I am not myself. These things make us who we are. These things make us perfect. (My imperfections: the little red spot under my right eye, my little stretch marks, my cellulite).  
  12. I love my courage and my crazy dreams. I want to parachute jumping, to do scuba diving, to learn many foreign languages, to travel a lot, to swim with sharks... These are crazy things I want to do + many others...
  13. I love my body. I love myself. I love my character and my personality. If I don't do this by myself, then who will do? And no, I am not selfish. I am just, courageous enough to say it out loud, that I am imperfectly perfect.

My 13 nominees:

  1. TimeWithYana
  2. ChloeMetzger
  3. AnastasiaAmour
  4. StylishWalks
  5. PetalsofPerfection
  6. TheDressDiaries
  7. MsMeatBallHead
  8. DovesandRoses
  9. StyleSprinter
  10. MarielaKelly
  11. ItsaJodiething
  12. LucyCastleBlog
  13. TamLovesTea

Feel free to join the challenge even if you are not mentioned. Can't wait to see your Self Love Challenge 13 posts! I really hope you will enjoy this challenge as much as I do. Let's forget what we hate about ourselves and remember what we love!
I will be waiting for your opinion on this. Hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. Such a beautiful idea! I agree that we have to remind ourselves our best sides as we seem to always only focus on insecurities and forget that everyone is perfect just in the way they are.
    Thank you so much for nominating me, Alexandra! It will take me a while to come up with 13 things I love about myself, so it might take some time haha :) xx

    1. Hi Yana! Can't believe how many people agreed with this challenge. This makes me so happy! You really understood the idea behind. I appreciate your enthusiasm over this challenge. I must say a HUGE THANK YOU for being so nice and accepting it!!
      With Love, Alexandra.

  2. Interesting. Let me see how can i work out further on this idea. Even this idea has got some some inspiration to work out on some unique idea to help connect my bloggers. Will Plan Something in the coming days :)

    1. Hi Nikky! I am happy you came here. Incredibly happy that you accepted the challenge! I appreciate it! Thank you sweetie!! Can't wait to see your post!
      With Love, Alexandra.