5 Rules to rock a swimsuit

It's summer. It's hot. We all want a little bath... But how can we all rock a swimsuit? Let's find out!

 First of all you need to be skinny. You can't wear a swimsuit if you are plus size. Second rule is to have a luxury swimsuit. A cheap one won't get you the effect you wanted. You need to wear make-up at the pool. That's a must! You always need to think that you are a diva on the red carpet. If you put a pair of high heels you definitely are the best one at the pool!

Now forget about everything! Forget about the skinny body, the luxury swimsuit, the diva character, the make-up and the high heels! Think about you... How are you? Short or tall, skinny or plus size, blonde or brunette or even red haired, you are beautiful and perfect the way that you are! You really need to know the five rules to rock a swimsuit?

Okay, here they are:

  1. Be you like I've said, the most beautiful thing you can do is to be you. That's what will attract others to you. Your unique character is what the world needs. Don't be a copy because there are plenty of these. Be you and nobody else.
  2. Smile your smile can change the world. So don't keep it for yourself. Share it! Be you and have fun!
  3. Match your swimsuit with your flip flops. you need to look good at the pool too, so why don't you match your flip flops with your swimsuit? Or with your beach bag?
  4.  Be confident always make sure to be that way. A confident person is always seen better that the others. 
  5. Be proud of your body don't you ever blame your body for something. Don't you ever hate your body. Remember that you are a soul and you have a body so you need to use it. What better way to use it than on the beach? Be proud with your body and don't hide it.

These are the five rules to rock a swimsuit! What are your rules to be a beach queen? 

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