You need to love yourself first.

How can someone love himself, without being selfish?

Loving yourself doesn't mean to be selfish. It means to take care of yourself, to make sure you are healthy and happy, in order to be able to help. An unhealthy person doesn't have the same power to help as a healthy one. A person with insecurities can't help another person with the same problem, unless he/ she get rid of her/his problems first. What I want to say is that without helping us, we can't help others. 
YOU come first! Love yourself and take care of yourself! More quotes #ontheblog: #selflove
Why is self love so important?
Self love is important, because how can we let someone to love us, when we don't? How can we help someone, when we can't help us? Your body is your home so you need to love it and to feel confident, to make it comfortable. 

Can you achieve self love?

Maybe you'll be surprised! I think, self love is something you build. How? By discovering yourself, by knowing your strengths and weaknesses, by knowing you are perfect how you are! No, you don't have big nose, no you don't have thin lips, you don't need thinner thighs or straight hair... The way that you were born is the way you are the most beautiful! Perfection can't be achieved. Perfect is just an illusion... The only perfection we are capable of is our natural beauty.  

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