You are NOT an Option

How do I know I am an Option and not a Priority?

It's really simple to find out. All you need to do is to listen your instincts, your soul. You know that friend, that you called last weekend to help you or to have dinner with you? What did he said? "I can't. I have something else to do..." Well, think again. This is a real friend? NOPE. Then why are you choosing to be his option? You are more important than that. You need to be a Priority.

The option thing is really simple. Some have the kind of friends who come at you only when they need something. These aren't friends. 
Or what do you say about the kind of people who don't tell you they've got engaged, but the whole community already knows? You find out from someone else. These people aren't friends.

What is really a friend?

A friend is the person you trust, like and the person you enjoy spending your time with. Also a friend is not only the person you trust, but the person who trusts you back. The person who talks to you about everything, anything at anytime. It doesn't matter if it's two a.m. in the morning, if they have work to do, if they are with somebody else, you CAN always rely on them. They are always there. It doesn't matter the age, the colour of your skin, they will always protect you. A true friend is rare, but it's worth having. 

What is wrong with me? Why I am just an option?

Nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong with you. The only thing wrong is in the person who makes you an option. You only need to say " No, thank you! I don't want to be an option. I am a free person with options, but never an option." 
You only need to learn to say no. 

Now, what do you choose? To be or not to be an option?

It's your option if  you want to be or not to be somebody's option. I personally say NO. Hope you are doing this too. Don't choose to be an option when you can be a priority. Don't let someone who is a priority for you to make you feel and to treat you like an option. You are important so don't forget this! Keep it in your mind. Repeat it every morning:

"I am important and I need to be treated with respect. I need to be treated like a priority. I won't let myself be just an option. I am better than that."


  1. This is so true! A real friend doesn't make excuses, they make time for you no matter what!

    1. Hi! Thank you for your lovely comment! In life just a few are friends... sometimes just one. Have a nice day!