How to Make a Great Coffee: Ice Coffee Recipe

You know the saying "All you need is love" ? But in the morning what way better to show some love or to make you feel loved than drinking a good cup of coffee? I can say I am truly, madly, deeply, crazy in love with coffee. So in the last few days, I learnt a new coffee recipe, my mother told me about. It's really simple. 
For this you'll need just a few things:
            - Coffee;  
                          - Whipped Cream;  
   - Milk;
        - Ice tray; 
      - A glass;  
- Sugar.
 Once you have all of them you can start. First you'll need to froze the coffee in the ice tray. After you did this the rest will be so easy peasy. Put some milk in the glass like 3/4. Pour some sugar. Than put the ice coffee cubes in the glass and put the whipped cream on top. Enjoy!    

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