Confront your problems.

Stop and listen... Are your problems so big as they appear? 

No matter from where you are, what are you doing, how you look, we all have problems. The difference between us, is how we choose to behave. Some of us are stronger, and choose to confront the problems. But some of us, aren't. What do you need to do?Just, stop and listen... have you imagined exactly, how your problems are? If yes, find a solution. If not, relax and go find  a solution anyway.
 Why do I need to confront my problems, when I can run from them? 

It's really damn simple. You want to live free, but free also means without any problems. Problems can weight so much, and these things can drag you down from your way to the success. Just find  a solution for the problem and live free. Think about your problems as lessons in life, as something you will laugh about, but treat them with respect and calm. 

What if I don't have solutions?

Impossible! There is always a solution. Go for a walk, take a deep breath and relax. Everything is a lesson. We must take it as a lesson! Don't worry so much. I know I do it too much... but I hope you won't. It is just blurring your  entire image of the problem.
You also can ask someone you trust or simply to accept a piece of advice. You aren't obligated to really put it in action, but listening to it can make you find the real solution. Hold your chin up and don't give up. Look at someone with a similar situation and try not to repeat their errors. Keep your eyes wide open!

What was your biggest problem in life? How did you resolve it?  

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