Why Beauty is Killing Us...

Beauty industry. Beauty magazines. Beautiful models... How can we tell if someone is beautiful, but someone is not? Who can tell if a person is ugly? No one... Or not? Beauty industry, beauty magazines, the beautiful models... all of them contribute to an idea of perfection  we all want to achieve. But is this necessary? Nope. So why we want it?
My mother told me once that people want what they don't have. True. We want perfection, because we aren't perfect. No one can be perfect. It's simple. Maybe some of us really believe that make-up, surgery and other things can make us perfect. But they can't. We can't be more perfect than we already are. Everyone is his own type of perfection. It's hard to understand this, but for me it is even harder to understand people in general, that don't talk to a person because it's not as perfect as they are. I don't like discrimination. I don't like to be told to look like a catwalk model. I can't. I am who I am and I'm happy with it. I'm against exaggerated make-up. I am against beauty products tested on animals. I am against photoshopped models from beauty magazines.  I am against the perfection standards. If we look up in the mirror we don't see the beautiful parts. We see what they want us to see. That we have a spot, thin lips, thin eyebrows, cellulite, that we are too fat, too skin, too normal... I like natural looks. I don't like Barbie looks. We need to start accept normality. It is nothing wrong with it.
I am not perfect, but neither they. I have a small red spot under the right eye since I was little. But I think this is a part of me and I'm not ashamed with it. I have cellulite and I workout everyday, but I do it for me, not for perfection, not because they wanted me slimmer.
What I want to say is that beauty is killing us with its high standards that aren't and never will be real. Beauty kills animals for cosmetic tests. I don't agree with the concept that perfection deserves every sacrifice. 

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