15 Shades of Blue That I Adore

Hard to settle on just 15 shades of blue that I adore, but I'm struggling with myself for this... You already know that I love pink as a colour. I also like blue. Not every single shade of blue. Just a few... 
1. The shade of the sky: I like to look up to the sky and I enjoy to see that blue shade on a summer day. 'Sky is not the limit' is one of my mottoes. I personally love to think that there is more in this world than what we see, touch, hear...
2. The shade of the ocean: I'm in love with the notion of  "ocean".  I love to spend time in water and even thought I haven't seen the ocean, I'm fascinated by it.
 3. That shade of blue from flowers: I'm getting crazy about blue flowers. Such a miracle of  the nature... So simple, yet so complicated.
4. The sky at night when stars appear: like you probably already know, I'm a fan of the stars. I love so much these little shiny things.
5. Cobalt blue is one of my favourite shades of this colour. You can see it in the pic below.
6. My new favourite dress is a blue one with a shade similar to electric indigo, a little darker, maybe like the circle on the image below.
7. Turquoise is also one of my favourite shades of blue. 
8. Egyptian Blue.
9. Simple as blue eyes. 
10. Persian Blue. 
11. Loving Twitter & loving Twitter Blue. 
12. Azure. 
13. Lavender Blue. 
14. Cornflower. 
15. Baby Blue Eyes. 
Blue Shades

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